Parental Guidance Needed

Moving back in with my parents felt like entering rehab. I was acknowledging a problem (unemployment) and my parents were there to provide the help and assistance I needed.

My mum and dad were not in complete agreement regarding my decision to leave Sky Sports, but as parents it was their duty to at least offer some support.

And for that I can’t thank them enough.

At the time of the move I could only see things from my point of view. The situation was far from ideal but it was my choice.

My parents didn’t really have a choice. It was either welcome me back into the fold or watch from a distance as I pissed my hard-earned savings up the wall in London.

What must have gone through their minds when their 31-year-old son returned to the family nest?

They were used to seeing me five times a year at a push, and now I had booked a one-way ticket back home.

It’s embarrassing to say I live with my parents but I’m sure it’s no piece of cake for them to tell their friends “Chris is back with us, unemployed and claiming JSA.”

As a family we’re pulling together to focus on the bigger picture. Fingers crossed I won’t always be sleeping in the single bed in the box room.

The awkwardness of the situation provides a daily incentive for me to get off my backside and find that new job as quickly as possible.

But in the meantime I’ll continue to swallow my pride and keep my moaning to a minimum.


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