Music Mondays

It’s May Day in the United Kingdom, time to dig out your Morris dancing outfit from the back of the wardrobe and shimmy around the maypole to these tracks.

1) Gorillaz are back! Murdoc, Noodle and the rest of the cartoon gang have released their first new album for six years. Once again the band have called upon a stellar cast of contributors, including Noel Gallagher who lends his guitar and vocals to this standout track.

2) For people of a certain age it will be impossible to hear this track without singing the words to “Men In Black” (damn you Will Smith). If only there was a device that could wipe our memories and help us to remember Patrice’s version only.

3) Finally, it just wouldn’t be a Music Mondays without some piano house. KSM were an Italian duo who were no doubt inspired by the Italo-disco scene that hit Europe in the 1980s. The Spanish vocals on this club mix will get you in the mood for sun, sea and sangria.


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